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Restaurant Magellan To Unite Traditional and Modern Cuisine

Restaurant Magellan has had the title of an affordable restaurant with good food and comfortable surroundings for years now. But this favorite restaurant has recently turned a new page of its menu – it is reinforced by excellent personnel and a new concept. The new chef is Mate Bebek, a young, but certainly experienced chef, who will use his extensive experience to make Magellan even a better place to enjoy excellent food. The restaurant will get a new menu map with new dishes that can be described as a ‘cheaper Michelin’ and will compete with the world’s top kitchens.

What will be offered?
Test menus of five courses, with the current five types of daily meals that are not on the menu, which guests can order from Monday to Friday. With a weekly list, there will also be an attractive evening menu.
‘Prices are not going up; we will adjust all to our customers. We also have a large seating capacity, which will be a conceptual change. Supplies are purchased on a daily basis, and everything is fresh. The objective and our desire is to do something new, which no one else has done in the city.’ says Josko Prkacin, the owner of the restaurant.


Excellent wine list
Visitors can also expect tapas, finger food, and cakes. The wine list is changing, and so the best Croatian wines are arriving. In short, a lot of effort and money is invested to achieve the best quality offer in the city, all that from March 1st, when a new era in the operations of this restaurant begins. Chef Mate Bebek, who trained at De Librije, a top Dutch restaurant decorated with Michelin stars, revealed his vision of a new concept.
‘I will make a great effort to bring you a better ratio of price and quality foods. My goal is to ultimately connect the modern kitchen and Dubrovnik tradition. That is what I want to see at the tables’ Bebek said.
‘It is my great desire to amend the soufflé of Magellan. Because people like almond’s crust, I want to make a variation of Snickers, therefore peanut’s crust on the outside, a liquid caramel on the inside’, Mate said.


Magellan’s recipe for readers!
Make your own mashed carrots!
Carrots are cooked with star anise in milk, for 300 grams of carrots – 2 stars of star anise, on low heat until the liquid completely evaporates, and you can add a little water also. Carrots, all root vegetables, is quite hard, so it needs to be perfectly cooked to have a perfect texture. Then it inserted in the food processor where it is additionally flavored with the classic spices, salt and pepper, and a little heated cream. That is a little trick actually, milk and cream should always be warm to prevent the formation of lumps.