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Reveal the Delicious Secrets of Popular Gastro Blogger Janjolinka During Her Two Sweet Workshops

Famous gastro blogger Janja Benić, also known as ‘Janjolinka’, has arrived in the City! The reason behind her visit are sweet, creative workshops, where all participants can find out how to make her famous donuts. The first workshop was held on Saturday in the ‘Veranda Tavern’ hosted by the owners Maja and Mirko Andrić.

All participants were able to learn precise steps required in making a perfect donut – from dough preparation, shaping, frying, and filling with vanilla cream, with an extra bonus gift at the very end – a surprise recipe of the patisserie ‘Mala Truba’ for their delicious Baileys cream filling.

“This is my first workshop in Dubrovnik and so many people gathered. I am pleasantly surprised that I managed to fill up two workshops! I’m really happy to be here. Maja and Mirko are great hosts, and I am very grateful for how nicely they hosted us and how well they’re taking care of us. I’m sure that I’ll come back again, during the season, to try what they’re preparing,” said Benić.

“We are very satisfied and happy that Janja came to Dubrovnik and that we were able to organize a workshop like this in ‘Veranda’. We are looking forward to such future collaborations and creative workshops,” Maja Andrić concluded.

The second workshop will be held on Monday, March 14 at the same location.

Photo: Zvonimir Pandža