Robert Farber @ Le Petit Festival

Following his exhibition ‘Moods…a 40 Year Visual Journey’  at the Museum of Modern Art in April, Robert Farber has returned to Dubrovnik as part of Le Petit Festival. Visitors to the festival were able to once again view the exhibition and attend a special workshop held by Farber. We caught up with him during his stay.

How did you come to work with Le petit Festival?

”Thanks to a mutual friend, the great designer Matthew Sven Brill, I met the talented Vinko Prizmić. I had already heard then about his magic festival. That was when I was contacted to be a part of this festival, which is organised for the ninth year in a row. It’s funny, because I met Matthew in Santa Barbara, California, and I had not seen him for a while. It just happened and thanks Vinko’s initiative,my exhibition at the Museum of Modern Art in Dubrovnik was also organised. It was a great experience for me and thanks to him I first visited Dubrovnik.”

What are your impressions of Dubrovnik and Croatia?

”I had never been here before, although I had heard that Dubrovnik has a beautiful coastline. Personally, I was at the opening of my exhibition in April this year, and now I’m here for a second time, just a few months on. Your country is beautiful and I must say it is very similar to Italy. I have heard many good things about your country and I think it’s beautiful. I know a lot of Croats in New York and I feel like I’m in Italy. For now at least! But I’ll tell you if that’s what I really think by the end of the week before I leave.”

Given that you know many Croatians, do you knew of a Croatian or Dubrovnik photographer who you consider talented?

”I know Zoran Marinovic. I think he is an excellent photographer, what he captures with his camera tells important things. He is also a very good man.”

Will you use your stay in Dubrovnik  for taking pictures of the city?
”’I do not usually take pictures of monuments and things like that, but they I can capture them in other forms. I tend to do  landscapes and environments more than monuments themselves. Therefore I create my photo in another way. I do not want to create images such as those on postcards and try to incorporate things in accordance with their style.”