Russian Avenue Group Interested in Kupari Complex

The tender for the ruined hotel complex Kupari has completed and closed today. The only investor that wanted to buy this complex was a powerful Russian company called the Avenue Group – an investor who will, if the government decides so, build and ‘own’ Kupare for the next 99 years.

The owner of the Avenue Group is an influential businessman Sergei Gljadelkin, in Croatia already known as a buyer of IGH and Hidroelektra. His name is also associated with the company Titan. Russian ‘Tycoon’ is an owner of 20 different companies around the world, so his interest in this type of investment is understandable. His wish, as he said previously, is to build a brand new resort under the name ‘Kupari 5+.’

This Mysterious Russian businessman has come to Croatia ten years ago, and very soon upon his arrival, he got Croatian citizenship. When he was 33 years old, he already got a reputation of an exceptional businessman in the construction industry. Today, he has over two million square meters in investments.

Otherwise, for complex Kupari, Consortium Avenue Group competed today (Zagreb Avenue and Avenue Osteuropa from Vienna) and, as a part of the offer, government submitted the intent letter of the Marriot International hotel chain, as a guarantee. The world-famous hotel chain, which among other things leads famous ‘Ritz Carlton’, would (if the Croatian government accepts the offer), enter and invest in Croatia for the first time.