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Sabatina: come and try the best wine!

In the organization of the cooperative union of Dalmatia and the Association of winemakers, this year’s biggest assembly of grape growers and winemakers in Croatia will be held in Zupa and Konavli this weekend. This special gathering will be held under the name Sabatina 2014.
In these two days visitors will be able to learn a lot about wines and to taste some of them. Tomorrow, visitors will go on a tour in Konavosko vineyard and visit a winery there. A short trip to the town of Soko and to the presentation of agricultural machinery for wine will follow after that.

Sunday evening is reserved for the event at the hotel “Astarea” on which occasion the best wines and winemakers will be awarded.

If you cannot come to the Sabatina personally, enjoy in it by visiting our photo gallery created by Zvonimir Pandza.