Saint Blaise exhibition visited by 90000 visitors

Dubrovnik Museums’ exhibition Saint Blaise in past and present that was supposed to be closed on Tuesday, July 31 will remain open till September 16 due to the extreme interest of the public. Since opening on May 16, the exhibition has been seen by almost 90000 visitors.

Saint Blaise in past and present is the central exhibition of Dubrovnik Museums in 2012 set in Rector’s Palace and in Rupe Granary. The exhibition and the accompanying project were organized to celebrate 1040th anniversary of St Blaise’s cult in Dubrovnik and 140th anniversary of establishing Dubrovnik Museums.

In Rector’s Palace, the exhibition presents Saint Blaise’s cult referring to medieval Dubrovnik, that is, Dubrovnik Republic, then the saint as a symbol of the state and his presence in art, while in Rupe Granary it is dedicated to the rest of the Patron’s cult. Apart from the objects that form the collection of Dubrovnik Museums, the exhibition also presents other numerous and valuable objects inspired by or dedicated to Dubrovnik’s Patron Saint obtained thanks to 56 different institutions and individuals mostly from Dubrovnik Diocese.

The organization of the exhibition involves four museums within Dubrovnik Museums group, Archaeological, Cultural-Historical, Maritime and Ethnographic museums, as well as many prominent scientific experts. The collection has been arranged by Ivona Michl, the curator in Dubrovnik Museums.