Scenic train ride through Konavle valley

There is no such thing as a formula for an unforgettable summer vacation. However, Gulliver travel is offering you all the ingredients for trips that will remain in your lasting memory. Simply choose from Gulliver’s list of excursions and adventures in Dubrovnik region and in the neighboring countries…
Our sudgestion is to experience the traditional spirit and genuine village atmosphere on this distinctive excursion taking you for the tourist train ride through vineyards in Konavle with SCENIC TRAIN RIDE THROUGH KONAVLE VALLEY half day excursion.

Experience the traditional and original village ambiance on this marvellous excursion to Konavle. After paying a visit to the first wine cellar, absorb the region by riding on a tourist train through its rich vineyards. Relish in some of the best wines originating in this part of Croatia in the following three wine cellars/vineyards You may also find it particularly interesting to pick at the traditional peasant’s brunch of bacon and onions served in a customary manner of old folks from Konavle who laboured in the fields. Past customs are presented in the village of Ljuta where you visit a mill to see how flour was once produced, and just a few metres on there is another traditional craft on display – wool processing, which is a perfect finish to this fabulous adventure of exploring the traditions of Konavle.

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