Sea salt harvest in Solana Ston

In Ston Salt Works, residents and 25 young people from 12 countries are harvesting in a traditional way thanks to cooperation of the Salt Works and Croatian Heritage Foundation.

The first round of harvest gave 200 tons of salt, and the second round is expected in two weeks. 200 tons of salt is harvested in four basins manually, one basin a day.

This year’s harvest is going to last till September, each day but Sunday is a working day.

The harvest starts at 6.00 am, with the break between 9.00 and 9.30 am when they have snacks and drinks. It is finished by 11.00 am, sometimes by 12.00 pm, depending on the seriousness of the harvesters. Afterwards, they enjoy a refreshing drink, and in the afternoon they play salt volleyball or go swimming in Ston, Broce, Prapratno or Mali Ston.

All participants have free accommodation in the premises of the Salt Works, and upon their departure they will receive package of famous salt from Ston they harvested by themselves.