Second Edition of Ponta Lopud Festival, a Meeting Place for Regional Film Talents

Ponta Lopud, the film festival that offers the talents from Croatia and the whole region an opportunity to directly meet some of the most prominent names in the world of the film industry, will turn the island of Lopud, for the second time at the end of June, into a creative hub for film industry professionals, a meeting place and a venue for exchanging ideas and enjoying art.

In the inspiring environment of the island of Lopud, young talents and reputable professionals of the seventh art will have the chance to gain new experiences and create long-term professional relationships and friendships.

By bringing together new generations of filmmakers on this beautiful Elaphite island, Ponta Lopud Festival, which primarily focuses on creative processes and film as an art form, also offers insight into current trends in regional cinema. A total of twenty masterclass participants, whose talent represents the future of regional cinema, will be able to seize this opportunity and “learn from the best”.

“The program of the Ponta Lopud Festival has been expanded this year. In addition to a series of workshops, meetings and talks prepared for actors, actresses, male and female directors, special professional programs exclusively for women cinematographers are planned. One of the long-term goals of Ponta Lopud is to contribute to gender equality in the film industry, which is why the second edition of the festival, in cooperation with the Croatian Audiovisual Centre (HAVC), gives special support to Croatian women cinematographers. We have organized theoretical and practical workshops for them with one of the world-famous directors of photography (DOP).”, said Miro Purivatra, founder of the Ponta Lopud Festival.

During the six days of the festival, participants and audiences alike will have the opportunity to enjoy seven films in eight evening screenings in unique locations under the stars, such as the exceptional ambiance of the Franciscan Monastery Fortress of Lopud 1483 and the beach of RMH Lafodia Sea Resort. The names of the masterclass instructors, lecturers, and participants will be announced during April and May.

“Last year’s Ponta Lopud Festival brought a unique energy to the island and gave it an additional artistic edge, while at the same time receiving significant support from film professionals, island residents, visitors, and the audiences at large. This is why we have prepared some new, remarkable program and off-program events for this year’s festival edition, which will highlight the existing values ​​and great potential of Lopud as a unique meeting place and a venue to enjoy film art”, said Tilda Grossel Bogdanović, the founder of the festival.

The second Ponta Lopud Festival will take place from June 22 to 27, 2022.