[‘Serenity’ in Dubrovnik] Chris Rock on a Romantic Walk With his Girlfriend Lake Bell

Woody Harrelson, Sacha Baron Cohen, Isla Fisher and Lars Ulrich are Currently in Dubrovnik

The famous Hollywood ‘crew’ – comedian Chris Rock, actors Woody Harrelson, Sacha Baron Cohen and his wife Isla Fisher joined by the legendary Metallica drummer Lars Ulrich, sailed on their ‘Adriatic tours’ on the luxury yacht ‘Serenity’.

The tour ended this Sunday in Dubrovnik, where Matthew McConaughey joined them.
After spending the whole day on a yacht anchored near Lokrum, comedian Chris Rock decided to take a walk around town with his new girlfriend, actress Lake Bell. The relationship was mentioned in media for the first time after they were filmed having dinner in Santa Monica, but also walking along the Trogir lungomare holding hands. By the way, actress Lake Bell was already in Dubrovnik in 2014 at the wedding of Fabiola Beracasa and Jason Beckman.