Shakespeare at the Marin Drzic Theatre

Unbreakable bond between Shakespeare and Dubrovnik was renewed at the Marin Drzic Theatre, in the presentation of Shakespeare’s comedy called ‘The Twelfth Night’. The author of this version is Matko Srsen and it was directed by Ivica Kuncevic.
The setting of this work takes place in Illyria, in one beautiful, magical city by the sea! This was the
incentive for Matko Srsen to adapt this play, putting in it the entire Dubrovnik’s mentality, history, spirit and language.
Actors Zijad Gracic, Natasa Dangubic and Maro Martinovic were guest actors in this play. They joined Branimir Vidic, Frane Perisin, Izmira Brautovic, Glorija Soletic, Zdeslav Cotic, Mireij Stanic, Hrvoje Sebastijan, Boris Matic and Nika Burdelez on the scene and brought Shakespeare closer to us.
The show is scheduled on the 23rd and 24th of January.