Siđ, traditional folk festival in Slano

High spirits in Slano today, where the traditional folk festival and fair named Siđ is held every year on August 1 and 2.

On Thursday, Franciscan churches across Dubrovnik Diocese celebrate the feast of Our Lady of the Angels, that is, Portiuncula. One of the most significant sacred places in Dubrovačko Primorje associated with the feast is the Franciscan church of St. Hieronymus in Slano where services are held from early morning hours, and the church is open to worship Our Lady of the Angels until midnight.

Pilgrims from all over Dubrovnik Primorje and the surrounding islands as well as Catholics from Eastern Herzegovina, who brought their livestock for sale, used to come on Siđ. The name comes from the word Assisi or Asiz in Croatian which is the birthplace of Saint Francis who gained the Indulgence of the Pardon of Assisi that was approved by the Pope. Originally religious pilgrimage and meetings evolved into a fair – Siđ.

Although the religious undertone is now almost completely lost, and there is no more livestock on sale, it is still a fair where you can buy clothes, shoes, toys, sweets, even antiques, and tools sold by people coming from all parts of Croatia.

The specialty of Siđ is the spit roasted whole lamb. Today, many residents of Slano, Primorje and Dubrovnik enjoyed it at the price of 170 Kuna a kilo.