Silente Closes Park Orsula Music Festival

Maybe not now, but they will be famous worldwide one day – young Dubrovnik band named Silente performed last night in beautiful amphiteatre of Park Orsula.

Since it was the last night of ‘Park Orsula Music Festival’, the place was crowded, and locals mingled with guests of Dubrovnik, enjoying some good old rock mixed with pop ballads.

Silente promoted their demo album ‘The Miracle Hunter’ (Lovac na čudesa) together with their friends from local bands, and atmosphere was phenomenal, so the young artists were very happy, as they said, but also very (positively) confused with the reaction of the audience.

Silente achieved huge success last year with their song ‘Terca na tišinu’, which has been clicked on YouTube for over 400,000 times, getting all the positively reactions, as well as their song ‘Još Jednom’, recently reaching 200,000 views.

Our portal covered the concert with our recently added web-camera, in collaboration with Park Orsula.