Slovenian Skier Bojan Krizaj In Dubrovnik

Celebrated Slovenian skier and star of Yugoslavian sport, Bojan Kriza is currently holidaying in Dubrovnik. The 56 year old won eight titles at the World Cup in slalom during his international career. Accompanied by his wife Spela, the sportsman is staying at Hotel Bellevue just outside of the city and we managed to catch up with him just before he set off on a motorcycle tour organised by Gulliver Travel, ”Dubrovnik is our favourite destination and a better holiday doesn’t exist. I’ve been coming to Dubrovnik for a long time, even before the war I held summer camps here. For all Slovenians Dubrovnik is a top destination.”

Bojan will spend seven days in the south of Croatia and was intrigued most of all by the idea of renting a motorcycle to discover the area, ”As tourists we tried to find a way to hire a motorbike as we know Dubrovnik from before but aren’t familiar with its surroundings. We were in Kotor yesterday and wanted to go up on Cetinje but it was too hot so we came back to Dubrovnik. We want to discover the area, good cuisine, maybe with a glass of wine, that goes without mentioning the historical elements of the area.”