Smart Benches – Relax and Recharge the Phone

Gruz and Dubrovnik got the magnificent smart benches produced and made by local entrepreneurs gathered in the ‘start-up’ Universal Industries. The chairs are unique and fantastic! While sitting on it, you will be able to relax and to charge a small electrical appliances – mobile phones and tablets. Benches are also equipped with various sensors that will measure the UV, light intensity, sound pollution, pressure, temperature and humidity, and produced and consumed energy.
‘These are the first solar benches made in Dubrovnik. We are very proud of it’ said the director of Universal Industries.
From idea to the realization of the project the Universal Industries needed more than six months. Now, when Croatian benches are almost done, the project is going to be presented globally. There are only four manufacturers in the world who are doing this kind of seats – one in the United States and one in Serbia – so it is expected that Croatian benches will succeed anywhere in the world. Good luck!