Spectacular Boat Marathon of Pirates from the Neretva River

Pirates from Komin have won the 15th Boat Marathon on the Neretva River. More than 450 boatmen divided in 33 teams rowed for 2 kilometres, from Metković to Ploče, in a traditional marathon. The second place was taken by the team from Baćina, while the third was won by Žrnovo Galiots from Korčula.

The rows of Pirates from the Neretva oared through the river after the shots from kubura, coming from Hum na Sutli, marked the start of the competition. Except traditional teams from Neretva Valley that fought for the glory of the Pirates from the Neretva on the 15th marathon there were also 8 debut teams that got into the grips with the moody Neretva River for the first time. There were also two female teams, Piratesses from Metković and the female boat team fromPrimorje-GorskiKotarCounty, and the male-female team Metkovke.

It is very interesting that all boats must be traditional in shape and dimensions as per the rules prescribed by the Rule Book with the defined number and dimensions of their ribs, and the hull boards have to be of the same thickness. There are 10 rowers in each boat, a drummer and a steersman. This type of boat was a traditional means of transport in Neretva region for centuries and the marathon was started in 1998 in their honour as non-professional contest of traditional boats.

This unique spectacle that attracted to the banks of the Neretva about 20,000 visitors was organized by the Association of the Neretva Boatmen,Dubrovnik-NeretvaCountyand the cities of Metković, Opuzen and Ploče and was supported by the President of theRepublicofCroatia, Ivo Josipović.

– Traditionally, the Boat Marathon is not only a tourist attraction it is also a way of preserving heritage and meeting new people fromCroatiaand abroad, said President Josipović.