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Sports, Art and Much More: 95 Years of Water Polo Club Jug

95 years ago, water polo club Jug defeated water polo club Penatur in their first official match by 3-0. On this occasion, a revival match was held on Porporela between Jug and club ‘Porporela’. Porporela won by 8: 7. Results aside, the celebration of tradition, where it all began, was much more important…

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Since the history of Jug started under ‘the red ferral’ – the famous spot on Porporela, the logical sequence was to mark the celebration right there. Next summer, Porporela celebrates 70 years from the first victory during the Wild League competition, so the end of this summer of 2019 is surely worth to remember.

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The most trophy club in Croatia, Jug, began this interesting story with with the release of monograph ‘Five to One Hundred’ by Željan Konsuo. One whole chapter is dedicated to artists who have found inspiration for their work in water polo, and this is how the idea of ​​linking sport and art was born. The club decided to go a step further and they collaborated with the famous artist from Dubrovnik, doc. dr. art. Iris Lobaš – Kukavičić, who redesigned the equipment for the new season, where Dubrovnik is the central symbol, and artist’s graphic solutions blend in perfectly with the story of the City and water polo.

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As the highlight of the whole story, Dubrovnik will first get the first water polo museum, which will unite all the sports achievements of the most trophy water polo club in Croatia, present a rich history, cups, medals… There will be a contemporary fan shop in which the collaboration with amazing Iris Lobaš – Kukavičić will continue.

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Beside the change of the visual identity, water polo club Jug also changes its general sponsor after 15 years, and instead of ‘Croatia osiguranje’, the general sponsor will be ‘Adriatic osiguranje’. The name change from ‘Water polo club Jug CO’ to ‘Water Polo Club Jug AO’ will be announced by the Assembly in mid-September. The new competition season for ‘Jug’ begins on September 21, and the team will host Budva team in Gruž.