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Starting This July: Dubrovnik and New York Connected by New Direct Flights

Dubrovnik will once again be directly connected to the United States via Dubrovnik Airport, it had been announced from our Airport in Čilipi. Starting in July 2021, United Airlines, a member of the Star Alliance, will offer new direct flights between New York’s Newark Liberty International Airport and Dubrovnik Airport for all passengers who are either vaccinated or have a valid negative COVID-19 test.

Flights to Dubrovnik are planned from July 10, 2021 to October 3, 2021 and will operate three times a week – Monday, Thursday, and Saturday from Newark and on Tuesday, Friday, and Sunday from Dubrovnik, and will also be timed to connect in Newark to over 65 cities in North America. The two cities will be connected by a Boeing 767-300 with a 214-seat capacity.

“Considering the large number of tourist arrivals from the USA to the Dubrovnik area, we consider this an important step forward for Dubrovnik and Dubrovnik Airport,” said General Manager Frano Luetić.