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Step ‘n Jazz Dance Studio Thrilled the Judges of the Riesa World Step Competition

Dubrovnik step dancers from the dance studio Step ‘n Jazz participated last week at the world championships in the step dancing in the German town of Riesa.

They competed with the nine choreographies of which eight went to finals! In each category, there were 15 to 35 points, and the competition went from the quarterfinals to semifinals and then finals’ says Linda Valjalo, the leader of the dance club, adding that Riesa is one of the best world championship for them.

‘We got the awards in the categories of junior pairs and junior small groups. In the small group there are Nika Lazo, Mia Kužnin, Lana Urlić, Laura Ficović, Gracija Filipović and Mihael Tošić, and they won the second place, becoming the vice-champion in step dance. Lana Urlić and Mia Kužnin won bronze with the duo ‘Imagine’, Linda added.

Our little dancers presented Croatia and Dubrovnik in the best way possible! They are very thankful for all the sponsors who helped to pay the travel, the City of Dubrovnik and the County for their support, and all the parents of young dancers.

‘We are proud to announce we managed to set ourselves on the world’s great stages in a very strong competition, with such great results’, she says.

The championship is organized under the leadership of the International Dance Organization which is the only official World Dance Alliance and organized championship in all dance disciplines. At this championship 1300 step dancers from all around the world in three age categories and five disciplines (solo, duo, trio, small group, formation) participated. The total on this contest were 453 different choreography.

Results of the Step ‘n Jazz Dance studio:

2nd place – Juniors ‘Suitcase full of dreams’
3rd place – Juniors – Duo ‘Imagine’ (Mia Kužnin and Lana Urlić)
4th place – Juniors – Duo ‘Isn’t she lovely’ (Mihael Tošić and Nika Lazo)
4th place – Children Trio (Paula Kapović, Karolina Gospodnetić and Bruna Miletić)
4th place – Juniors – Trio ‘Dance with me’ (Mihael Tošić, Laura Ficović and Nika Lazo)
4th place – Formation ‘Where is the love’ (Mihael Tošić, Nika Lazo, Mia Kužnin, Lana Urlić, Laura Ficović, Gracija Filipović, Lena Barišić, Antea Pozniak, Ani Rikalo, Luna Žitković, Lora Radulj, Ana Galjuf, Marta Miloslavić and Nika Surjan)
6th place – Juniors – Solo – Lana Urlić
6th place – Juniors – Trio ‘All of me’ (Lana Urlić, Gracija Filipović and Mia Kužnin)
8th place – Juniors – Solo – Mihael Tošić