Ston lapidary opened to the public!

Ston lapidary, an outdoor collection of the Archaeological Museum, was exhibited on the ground floor of the Parish House in Ston. About a hundred stone fragments of furniture and equipment that was used in the 9th and 11th century is now made available to the public. Among many items are frescoes from the Christian church of St. Mary Magdalene and the Cathedral of the Diocese in Ston with the motif of fish scales dating from the 6th century, and a relief depicting a human figure with a crown on its head from the Church of St. Michael, dating from the second half of the 11th century.

Anthony Dracevac and Frano Vlasic, an archaeologist from Ston were the creators of the lapidary back in 1955. Namely, while visiting the field they had found the wealth intertwining ornaments of Stone churches. They passed fragments and sections of beams, lintels, pilasters, baluster to the parish office and the most valuable and most beautiful specimens were also transferred from the church of Our Lady of Luzine as well as from the church of St. Mihajlo. Unfortunately, the past century irretrievably erased traces of red and blue colors from the ornaments with which they were decorated.