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Ston Oyster Day Attracts Japanese Tourists

Foodies made their way to the Peljesac peninsula, just outside of Dubrovnik today, for  Ston Oyster Day.

The annual event sees local oyster farmers offer their produce at special prices as well as delicious local wines. For those who visited, a program of music and traditional folklore dancing kept them entertained while they sampled the local delicacies. The event attracted tourists from as far away as Japan this year, who, despite the rain and strong wind, went home with smile son their faces.

Oysters, which are best harvested around March 19 – close to St. Joseph´s Day, are mentioned in several legends claiming that they have magical aphrodisiac attributes. For that reason Oysters were often found on the menus served at royal tables; in particular at the table of the Austrian emperors. Moreover, Oysters were enjoyed by poorer people as well – so the whole of Europe knew about them.

Oysters are best when freshly opened, with a squeeze of lemon juice and served on ice.

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