‘Storm Media’ in Dubrovnik: A New Step Into the Future of Advertising

Dubrovnik is very inspiring city and a good foundation for many creative sectors of the economy, as well as for companies. One of them is Storm Media, Zagreb based company, with young and vibrant team in Dubrovnik, ready to help you enter the amazing new world of advertising your business, offer, restaurant…

Storm Media rules in the fields of development and maintenance of the websites, preparation and design of the logo and flyers, promotion through social networks… But now, they came up with the great idea that includes multicharger for your mobile devices as well as amazing advertisement screen for anyone that wants to advertise in an unusual and very effective way.

Storm Media Multicharger (12)

Pick up some information while waiting for your battery to be fully charged!

What is it all about? Storm Media offers standalone device, multicharger that has five chargers for android devices and tablets, as well as for iPhone5 and iPhone6 mobile phones. But the most interesting part of the story is 24 – inch screen on the top of the chargers, where you can present your restaurant, transport service, adventure park… Whatever you want to offer, and thanks to Storm Media, visitor of Dubrovnik can now explore the city virtually while waiting their battery to be ready for new pictures, selfies, messages…

‘We want to offer our clients, as well as our guests, diversified offer of the city, with information and contacts, while charging their devices’, says Ante Prtenjača, representative of the Storm Media in Dubrovnik, while showing where the attractive multicharges are set. Two of them are in the Old Town – in the Irish pub Gaffe and LaundrySpin, and one is located in Lapad, in charming little restaurant Orsan, by the sea. Their goal is, says Ante, to constantly search for the new and frequent locations, where guests stay little longer.

These interesting electronic ‘totems’, besides saving the ‘battery low’ situation, are very educative and informative, and are updated in 24 hours.

Storm Media Multicharger (3)

Katarina and Ante will help you with your web page, social networks, multichargers, information…

If you are interested in this kind of advertising, we bring you some important information about the multichargers and virtual screens. Advertising prices are very affordable, per month. Offer includes, beside the screen, advertising on Storm Media social networks, Facebook, Instagram, and their official web page. Offer can be updated every week or month, whatever suits the client.

As for the screen itself, the goal is that advertising doesn’t last for too long , since with the long commercials potential client loses concentration and attention. The best bit of flyers or video is realized within 20 or 30 seconds, or, simply – shorter video is more effective!

Storm Media Multicharger (11)

Commercials can be seen up to 600 times a day!

On the screens, client can put anything he or she wants – pictures, photos, interiors, exterior parts of buildings, decorating… These young creatives suggest placing a contact number, e – mail or simply address and location, along with the logo on the photo. These kinds of commercials can be up 200 times per day, or 500 to 600 times on three screens, and Storm Media team negotiates for some new locations around the town to fulfill their and your offer for the clients, restaurants, tourists, so everyone can enjoy the things Dubrovnik has to offer while charging their phone after a long day of using their phone in Dubrovnik, a city that certainly has a lot to offer.