Summer is Over, Now What About Your Hair?

Yes, we know, summer is over soon. We’re going to miss sun, sea, salt, great fun, relaxing on the beach… But, those details are the reason why our hair suffers during the warm months.

That’s why we asked lovely young hairstylists, Ana Zec and Ana Maria Pušić from the hairdressing salon ‘Opium‘ to reveal some good tips about hair care in Autumn!

‘After enjoying the sun and sea, clients are returning in hairdressing rested, tanned and healthy, which in most cases can’t be said for their hair. After the summer, hair is extremely dry, chapped and a bit lighter. That’s why the most important thing is to turn the humidity to the hair, and the best way is with an rich oil treatments, together with other active ingredients that allow the lock of the pigment in the hair’, girls say. Some of those treatments are available in their salon, and the bast way, the pointed out, is Olaplex treatment. Girls told us some tips&tricks any lady can do at home.

‘Beautiful hair always starts with a nice scalp. Use shampoos that moisturize the hair and scalp, avoid hot water which dries and dissolves natural oils and the hair becomes sensitive’, girls added.

And what about the color after the summer?
‘Our advice is to go with the hair nuance, because they do not contain ammonia, and have nourishing ingredients that will restore the lost luster and give more volume to your hair’, girls say, adding one ‘universal’ hair tip for the end:

‘The best solution for chapped and dry hair is the haircut, so visit their hairdressers and make something for your hair. Spoil it a bit and it will surely shine for you!’