Sunday Post: Dubrovnik is a city for all seasons!

“Dubrovnik is a destination for all seasons, where you can be inspired by breathtaking architecture, lose yourself in the quaint side streets, taste fine local wines, learn about the rich history with a guided tour, or even try your hand at harvesting oysters”, wrote Katie Wood Travel editor in Sunday post. In her guide she describes perfection of Mediterranean climate, which is mostly warm and dry with the average spring temperature of 18 degrees. But summers are much hotter she says, and that is why it was important to say a word or two about summer holiday in Pearl of the Adriatic.

“Dubrovnik is not only rich in culture, but also has several city beaches where you can enjoy the sea and sun. One of the most popular ones is Banje Beach, where you can rent pedal boats to ride near the city walls, go jet skiing or just relax on the sand. Another option is the pebble beach of Sveti Jakov, which can be reached by bus.”

Even though she mentioned public transport, Mrs. Wood pointed out that Dubrovnik is more mesmerizing if you get to know it while walking. Why? That way you can see a dozen of art galleries, museums, city walls, great restaurants with perfect Croatian wine or maybe you could try Ston Oyster. These Oysters are traditional specialty in this part of Croatia and they are considered to be some of the richest in flavor and finest shellfish in the Adriatic.

After a good meal she recommends visiting Stradun, or to escaping to Lokrum Island where you can retreat for some relaxation.