Where to eat

Tavern Blidinje – a little place for a great gastronomic delight!

If you ask anyone about Tavern Blidinje you are bound to hear the story about a restaurant located on the Lapad coast – a place with a beautiful view of the harbor, Dubrovnik bridge and nearby islands. This tavern is perfect for an escape from one’s daily routine and when you visit you will be thrilled with its pleasant atmosphere. The interior is decorated with natural stone and old, traditional objects significant to the Dubrovnik region. Except for the heritage, in Blidinje you can enjoy the open terrace and the pleasant breeze  during the hot summer days and nights.

The menu is the perfect blend of excellent restaurants and traditional cuisine. Tavern Blidinje offers a wide range of dishes, from a good steak on a natural grill, the classic plate of ham and cheese, steak hunting, the octopus salad or delicious seafood platter for two – which includes sea bass, bream, squid shrimps, mussels and prawns. Also, there is a large choice of pasta, salad and soup. But also the house specialties: veal, lamb and octopus with potatoes baked in the natural heat (preparation takes about two hours, so house specialties need to be booked in advance).

Blidinje Tavern is the perfect place for a private, relaxing lunch or dinner, as well as for family or social gatherings.