Thanks to the internet: Facebook connected two lost friends

The Internet is very powerful and we all know that, but is even more powerful when it is used for the right purpose. Today, on Facebook a lady from Finland found her lost friend from Dubrovnik. Anna meets Zore after 20 or more years. Namely, two girls met during the summer when they were about four years old. They had a splendid time together, but they never saw each other again. Everything they had from that time was the memory and one old photo. That is why Anne Mikaela Levlin posted that picture to Facebook today.

‘Testing the Power of Facebook. Dubrovnik, old town, 1984. Who is the girl (to the right), who became my best friend for a moment in time? Can You help me find her? Please share!’ One day after Zore Vukanovic answered.

‘Lovely photo, it is taken near my home, so nice memory from Dubrovnik market (Placa) in a front of Ivan Gundulic monument. I’m so happy!!! Thank you, Anne. I am very glad you found me! My younger daughter’s name is Ana’ Zore said. Both ladies were delighted, and they found each other again. Thanks to the internet this friendship will go on, and two women may meet again this summer. Who knows?