The 71st Dubrovnik Summer Festival Finished

As the Croatian Radio and Television Symphony Orchestra plays their final notes on this year’s Dubrovnik Summer Festival, the beloved traditional theater, music, dance, folklore, film and art event had reached its end. The final grand Gala concert rounded off the 71st edition of Dubrovnik’s favourite festival featuring the world’s leading baritone Željko Lučić and soprano Lana Kos, under the baton of maestro Ivo Lipanović.

The Dubrovnik Summer Festival has gathered numerous most prominent Croatian artists who presented extraordinary art programs in 47 days at site-specific venues and stages of Dubrovnik to the large local and international audience.

The idea of harmonizing the renaissance and baroque ambiance of Dubrovnik in an art form that sparked the very first Dubrovnik Summer Festival many decades ago, lives to this day and brings joy to generations of locals and their guest. With the heart-warming lowering of the festival’s flag and the monumental sounds of Gundulić’s “Liberty anthem“, performed by the Dubrovnik “Libertas” choir, we say goodbye to a lovable part of our city’s tradition excitedly waiting the next year’s edition.

Photo/Video: Zvonimir Pandža