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The Beauty of the City Under a White Blanket

When you think of Dubrovnik, the first thing that comes to mind is certainly not snow and frozen streets of the Old Town. Well, precisely thirteen years ago today, that’s exactly what the citizens of Dubrovnik where shocked by after waking up and seeing the City under a white blanket.

In 2009, Dubrovnik was hit by a strong snowstorm Tara, which brought us 10 centimetres of snow.  Terrible rain showers and the freezing cold bura wind lowered the temperature to -1 ° C, making the perfect conditions for a thick snow blanket to form. The snow caused a complete traffic collapse, so the citizens drove towards Župa and Konavle on the highway for hours. Due to heavy snow and stormy winds, parts of Dubrovnik were without electricity. Tara brought a short-lived, but intense winter change of weather, and most of the snow fell precisely in Dalmatia which is used to strong freezing winds but not snow. Tara, Crometeo wrote, was the strongest winter storm since 2006.

Although it may have brought many complications, it also brought unexpected joy, mostly among the children who were not used to making a snowman inside the City walls.