The countdown is over: Game of Thrones shown in Dubrovnik

A premiere of the first episode of the TV series Game of Thrones was shown yesterday at the Cinema Sloboda in Dubrovnik. Numerous citizens and Dubrovnik’s mayor Andro Vlahusic did not want to miss the opportunity to watch the new adventures of famous families.

HBO has announced that it is planning to simultaneously broadcast Game of Thrones in 170 countries across the world. The first episode of the fifth season will be broadcast in Croatia at the same time as in the United States: on the 13th April 13 at 3.00 am.

After that time, it will be available on the Internet, on HBO’s service ‘video on demand’ known as HBO GO. On the same day, The Game of Thrones will be shown once again, this time on HBO’s TV channel at 8.05 pm.