The Day of Dubrovnik Defenders

May They Have Eternal Glory

Saint Nicholas day is one of the most important days in history of Dubrovnik. Beside marking the day of the patron saint for all the seamen, and Dubrovnik is famous for its maritime history, today is the Day of Dubrovnik Defenders. People we are thankful today for our freedom. People who defended us 25 years ago from the horror JNA army did attacking our beloved town.

On this day in 1991, Dubrovnik suffered one of the greatest devastation in history as a part of Homeland War, but the most successful defense on the front lines of Srđ and in Sustjepan we remember today were a turning point in the war led in our region.

On the St. Nicholas day, the Old Town of Dubrovnik, UNESCO’s heritage site, was completely devastated, destroyed by bombardment.

In the rich programme, the City of Dubrovnik commemorates our lost ones, the wounded, families of the soldiers, and most important – defenders, the ones who free the homeland.

Today, we are thankful for all the things our defenders did for us. So, we will remember those we lost in silence, and be thankful for those who had a courage to help us to be the city we are today.