Tradition and people

The Fish Market Returns to the Old Town

One of the most attractive offers within the Old Town, fish market, will be in full function in about a month, the City of Dubrovnik and Sanitat Dubrovnik confirmed at the beginning of the week. The fish market, after four years, opens its doors on Peskarija (Old Port of Dubrovnik) for locals and visitors, while the other fish market is located in Gruž.

In December 2018, after obtaining approval and guidelines from the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Croatia and the Conservation Department in Dubrovnik, construction work on restoration and renovation started. Fish market will be arranged following the basis of EU food hygiene regulations.

Re-opening of the fish market after restoration will improve the quality of life of citizens who live and work in the Old Town, but also revitalize the location of the Old Town which we observe through tourism perhaps too much, while the local segment is forgotten, Tomislav Tabak, director of the Sanitat Dubrovnik, stated, adding that the income of the fish market will be used for the further improvement of the quality of life and revitalizing public space in the service of citizens.

This fish market served fishermen from the Old Town to sell their fish immediately after returning from fishing. This interesting, attractive and useful concept was almost lost few years ago, but the City of Dubrovnik and Sanitat Dubrovnik recognized the need to react. After the renovation, it will once again take its original role and enable citizens living in the Old Town, as well as visitors, an easier access to fresh and quality fish.

The City of Dubrovnik continues the revitalization projects inside the Old Town, one of which is the restoration and preservation of traditional and family manufactures and trades. There are currently 30 artisans in Dubrovnik.