The Magnificent Monograph Edition: St.Blaise’s People: The Story of Dubrovnik Patron’

The magnificent monograph edition ‘Svi Vlahovi ljudi’ by DuList presented last January, is now translated. ‘St.Blaise’s People: The Story of Dubrovnik Patron’ has #just been printed and can be found in Bookshop Algebra on Stradun or via e-mail

The book itself is divided into several sections, diligently covering not only the tales of St. Blaise’s churches and his powers, but most importantly the stories of the people who are the backbone of the City, who love and worship their Patron, participate in his Feast, pray to him, and trust his holiness. It is a wonderful and valuable gallery of festivalgoers, flag bearers, trombonists, and guardians of tradition, making the title of the book all the more accurate. If it weren’t for the people, St. Blaise wouldn’t have his own City.

In addition to our journalist team, we were accompanied and complemented by many dear people such as Don Toma, the great academic Luko Paljetak, academic Nella Lonza and of course historian Mrs Maja Nodari, all of them with immense and recognizable love of heritage, and above all Saint Blaise.
“It would be worthwhile for this book to find a place in the homes that appreciate the tradition, that continue to incorporate themselves into a large, comprehensive theme called the phenomenon of St. Blaise – a first class monument of intangible cultural heritage, recognized by UNESCO and as the heritage of mankind,” Maja Nodari pointed out.

All information about buying the book is available via