The Never-Ending Glamour of the Korcula Hotel De La Ville

In the city of Korcula three newly restored hotels got opened yesterday. Korcula Hotel De La Ville, apartments Korkyra Gardens and Hotel Liburna. The last was built in the 80’s and designed by a famous Croatian architect Bernardo Bernardi. Korcula Hotel De La Ville has a long and rich tradition, the old charm and the never-ending glamour. It was built in 1912 and back in its days of glory it was a favourite holiday destination of many historical persons such as King Edward VIII., Wallis Simpson, a famous English novelist Rebecca West, Jackie Kennedy, Jovanka Broz and Josip Broz Tito.
Apartments Korkyra Garden may not have a glorious history but they sure have a pleasant location in a quiet bay called Zaljev skoljki (Shellfish Bay). It is a beautiful accommodation and location – perfect for a family holiday.

Photo: Zoran Marinovic