The New US Ambassador in Croatia: Mr. Robert Kohorst visited RIT Dubrovnik

On February 22, the Dubrovnik campus of RIT Croatia had the pleasure of hosting Mr. Robert Kohorst, the new US Ambassador in Croatia. Ambassador Kohorst took up this position on January 10, 2018 and this is his first visit to Dubrovnik since his official arrival to Croatia.

Mr. Kohorst was welcomed by our president and dean, Mr. Don Hudspeth, who acquainted the Ambassador with the work and development path of RIT Croatia in the past 20 years. Ambassador Kohorst also visited students of the Hospitality Entrepreneurship in Global Economies class, taught by professor Kevin Walker. He talked to the students about his professional development and his experience in the field of entrepreneurship. Ambassador Kohorst pointed out the importance of having the courage to take risks when it comes to making business decisions, but he also emphasized that failures should be accepted as they are an excellent learning opportunity for the future. He concluded with the message about the importance of determining priorities in life and acting for the benefit of set priorities. However, priorities change throughout lifetime which requires us to reevaluate and alter them along our life path.

We are very thankful for Mr. Kohorst’s visit and his encouraging messages for our students, and hope to see him at our Zagreb campus in the near future.

Ambassador Kohorst was President and founder of Everest Properties in Pasadena, California since 1991 and is a prominent American businessman with an expertise in law, real estate and finance. In addition to his expertise in real estate, Mr. Kohorst is known for his business acumen, management skills and broad experience in finance. He has been recognized for his contributions to public service organizations and education as Director and past Chairman of the Young Presidents’ Organization (San Gabriel Valley Chapter), Regent of Loyola Marymount University in Los Angeles, California, Trustee of La Salle High School in Pasadena, California and Director and past President of the San Gabriel Valley Council, Boy Scouts of America (Source)