The Renovation Began: Hilton Imperial Closed the Door Until Next Season

One of the most famous Dubrovnik hotels, Hilton closes its doors for the first time in twelve years. Temporarily, of course! Since November 1st, hotel started the renovation and reconstruction, to welcome the next season in a new outfit.

Let’s go back a bit in history – working on the post-war reconstruction of the Dubrovnik Imperial began in 2002 and the hotel was officially opened in 2005. Since then, the hotel worked continuously, even during the winter months when most of Dubrovnik’s hotels are ‘sleeping’. From November 1st this year until April 15th, 2018, Hilton Imperial closes the door for renovation, which includes capacity increase.

Hilton Imperial 2

‘In the April 2018, guests will be welcomed in fully refurbished existing rooms and two new rooms, which will increase the total capacity of the rooms and apartments to 149’, the Hilton Imperial management wrote to us. The corridors and the reception area will be renovated too. From the next season guests will also enjoy the comfort of the new lobby and continue the tradition of drinking Imperial Afternoon Tea in the renovated lobby bar!

‘Guests who will stay in the rooms whose price includes the access to the Executive Lounge will enjoy the view of the old core from a brand new space’, Hilton Imperial management wrote.

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