The Romans Are Coming! Gladiators returned to Dubrovnik

The event called ‘Night of Gladiators’ was held in Gospino Polje yesterday. For the 10th time in a row, the best Croatian fighters came to this small Dalmatian ‘colosseum’ to measure their strength against other fighters from the region.  In the main fight of the evening, Maro Perak won the fighter Yuri Gorbenko from Ukraine. Luka Milidragovic was better than Ahmedin Pivic from BiH, Orsat Strazicic beat Ivan Matesic, Luka Vulicevic was better than the Serb Dragan Dragojevic, and Mario Dabo better than Igor Kantar from Serbia. Darko Knego beat Sasa Dajic, his brother Damir Knego won against Muhammad Mahmic from BiH, Domagoj Obradovic was a better fighter than Aleksandar Vuruna, while Karlo Caput showed his best in the battle with Velimir Rasic from BiH.