The Summer is Back in Dubrovnik And it Feels Better Than Ever

After a long wait, summer has finally taken over the streets and beaches of our City in all its glory. Beautiful weather has lured many of our fellow citizens and their guests to stroll down Stradun enjoying the much-awaited vacation atmosphere. The sea temperature has risen to a fine 21 degrees Celsius, and the beaches of Dubrovnik are slowly beginning to fill up. Parks and green areas provide much-needed shelter from the sun that’s starting to raise daily temperatures to the maximum. Dubrovnik’s green garden Lokrum is full of visitors eager to enjoy its natural beauty and relax in the shade with a breath of fresh sea air.

The Croatian Meteorological and Hydrological Service warns of a heat wave at our door. We can expect it as early as Monday and will last until Friday, at least. There for, be sure to take enough water and stick to the shade in the hottest parts of the day.