The Traditional Celebration of the St. Blaise in New York

Club Dubrovnik Inc. from New York is once again organising their traditional celebration of the feast of St. Blaise – Sveti Vlaho – the patron of the City of Dubrovnik. The new selected festanjuli Matija Zarak and Vukan Stanišić are inviting the friends of the Club to participate in this lovely evening which will be held on February 8.
Along with our beautiful traditional ceremony we will have an excellent program for our souls and our dancing shoes. The celebrity of the night will be young Thana Alexa the singer of Croatian-Dubrovnik decent who’s singing career is climbing fast in USA by singing Jazz in her special way. You will also hear popular hits played by an excellent duo Vukan and Srdjan, masters of two acoustic guitars and two voices. Band Dalmati (our good old friends) will entertain us as usually from the beginning to the end of the evening (…). The location is at beautiful Dubrovnik Restaurant in New Rochelle in NY, well known for more than excellent Croatian cuisine’, stands in the invitation, signed by Dubrovnik’s artist living in USA and the respected member of the Club Srđan Gjivoje, President Šimun Šimunović and Vice President Noris Bocanfusso.