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The Unique Music Project Inside Out @ Park Orsula

The unique music project Inside Out at the 69th Dubrovnik Summer Festival was held on August 4th, at two locations – first from 9.30 pm inside the City Walls, near the Great Onofrio Fountain and then from 11 pm in the Orsula park.

I.N.K. Experiment Duo composed by percussionists Ivana Kuljerić Bilić and Nikola Krbanyevitch, is the link between a multimedia project titled Arabesques pour des ombres imMobiles and the concert of the young quartet Chui who already enjoys the cult status at the Croatian music scene.

Attractive program started at 9.30 pm near the Great Onofrio Fountain with the interactive performance of I.N.K. Experiment Duo, a dynamic and creative percussion duet made by the great percussionists Ivana Kuljerić Bilić and Nikola Krbanyevitch, and the robotic percussion ensemble Chimères Orchestra, an invention of French authors ga by Resonance Numérique under Jerome Abel’s leadership, with the sound design and software manipulation of electroacoustic engineer and artist Miodrag Gladović.

The evening continued with the concert at Orsula Park where at 11:00 pm Chui, the young quartet that, with joining contemporary club dance music and jazz, electronics and its uncompromising rock’n’roll approach, already enjoys a cult status, played last night.

The Inside Out program is maintained with the support of Lokrum Reserve.