The Wall – affordable luxury, traditional food, breathtaking views

The newly opened restaurant, The Wall, has a beautiful view of the city walls, and it offers dishes for every taste. In addition, you can enjoy the elegant décor and comfortable yet breathtaking surroundings. On the restaurant menu you can find traditional Mediterranean dishes, typical for the Dubrovnik region, meat and fish presented in a modern way but also some news such as tortillas, pasta with walnuts, pork ribs with sauce Jack Daniels or chicken wings with honey and garlic. A unique feature is a brunch that is a combination of late breakfast and early, light lunch. The wine list offers a wide selection of Croatian wines, and the large choice of liqueurs such as orange liqueur, pomegranate or pear. The restaurant is located in the city center, overlooking the walls and is isolated from traffic jams. The private and romantic atmosphere is complemented by live music, a combination of Croatian, Dalmatian, and foreign songs. In this restaurant, everyone is sure to find something for themselves.


The Wall – traditional food and a breathtaking surroundings