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The Washington Post Brings a Local Guide to Dubrovnik Everyone Should Read

The eminent American daily newspaper ‘The Washington Post’ published its first ‘city guide’ since the beginning of the pandemic, and their first choice was precisely Dubrovnik.  The award-winning former journalist, Jelena Šimac, took on the challenging job of writing the recommendations, and the remarkable Dubrovnik photographer Dubravko Lenert completed them with his photographs.

“This former independent merchant hub has suffered no attacks from dragons, but it has survived a catastrophic 1667 earthquake, damaging fires and wars as recent as the 1990s. Traces of that history remain in the memory here, and on the facades of some buildings within the walls,” the guide says, hinting the global popularity that skyrocketed after Dubrovnik served as the main filming location as King’s Landing in the ‘Game of Thrones’ series.

The article emphasizes the beauty of Dubrovnik, wowed by one of the best-preserved medieval walls in the world, pointing out it has always been attractive to tourists and is now one of the most prosperous cities in this part of Europe. The guide brings recommendations for interesting places to visit, such as Pile and Lapad, as well as restaurants, beaches, museums and even farmers markets.