Theater play ‘Eclipse’ tonight in Lazareti

The play of the Lero Students Thatre called ‘Eclipse’, which was created according to records of Ruder and Anica Boskovic and directed by Davor Mojas, is on the program of the Dubrovnik Summer Festival tonight, July 24, starting at 9.30 pm in Lazareti.

‘Eclipse’ was, after ‘Epitaphija’, ‘Psyche Pelingrada’, ‘Nocturnal Butterflies’ and ‘Moonlight for Lady Macbeth’, another attempt of Lero Students Thatre to stage questions about Dubrovnik’s literary and theatrical heritage. It was also the first staging of some of the texts of Ruder and Anica Boskovic in Croatian theater. ‘Eclipse’ was made up of the letters that were exchanged between Anica and Ruder, and multiple audio documents and sentences from Ruder’s ‘Eclipse of the Sun and Moon’.

Tickets for the play are available online at www.dubrovnik-festival.hr, at the Multimedia Centre Visia and Cultural Information Centre in Luza, and at the entrance an hour before the show.

Lero Students Thatre was opened in the year 1968. They had appeared on almost all Croatian theater and other festivals abroad and earned critical acclaim for their performances, as well as prizes and awards for heir theatrical specificity. They are regular guests at the Dubrovnik Summer Festival.