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Things To Do Beyond Dubrovnik’s City Walls

The imposing city walls are without a doubt Dubrovnik’s biggest attraction. According to the Frank about Croatia site, they are the reason number one to visit Dubrovnik though as he writes, ”Dubrovnik is much more than the old town. And you won’t believe how much more affordable it gets once you leave it.”

Frank  offers a list of things to do for those keen to explore the region and discover what Dubrovnik really has to offer:

– Experience Olive Oil Tasting in Konavle: ”OK, we might be slightly overexcited with the olive oil. OK, actually we are nuts about olive oil. We don’t travel anywhere (not even for a weekend break!) without a provision of Croatian olive oil. This is why we always happily jump on any opportunity for olive oil tasting. In Konavle region, just south of Dubrovnik, you can visit local producers and taste their olive oils. There are also few tour companies offering this experience as an organized tour.”

– Sandy beach Sunj on the island of Lopud: ”Spend a day at Elaphite Islands! The islands are just off the coast of Dubrovnik, and a great getaway from the hustle and bustle of Dubrovnik. This is a small archipelago consisting of more than 10 islands. Only three islands are inhabited: Sipan, Lopud and Kolocep. Ferries leave frequently from Dubrovnik port, and you can also hop on smaller tour boats that offer day trips to the islands. You can relax by the sea, hike, or cycle around the islands. Kolocep and Lopud Islands are car free.”

– Arboretum Trsteno: ”Visit Arboretum Trsteno! This beautiful 70-acre arboretum is located in a small village Trsteno, a 20 minutes drive from Dubrovnik. Parking is limited, so you might consider taking a local bus to Trsteno (less headache!). The arboretum gradually descent from the road toward the sea. It includes a Renaissance garden and villa, nice symmetrical fountain with nymphs and Neptune sculptures, over 14 arches aqueduct, and a small chapel. The fountain spouts water in a pond full of small fish and waterlilies. You’ll also notice some old oil presses. It can be a nice, and different day out if you are staying in Dubrovnik.”

– Horse-back riding: ”Kojan Koral is located in a small village of Popovici, 30 km South from Dubrovnik. It’s run by my friend Pero, so beware :) I can only say the best things about him and his tours. Both tours are guided, and take you through the countryside. The path takes you to the edge of the rocky coastline, and the views are amazing. Stables at Kojan Koral are really kept clean, and there is a nice outside area where the staff prepares a small snack for you upon your return from the tour.”

– Eat local in Konavle: ”Konavle is a rural region where, among other things, locals go for a hearty meal. The most popular village for dining out is Gruda. The most touristy of all restaurants in Konavle is a restaurant Konavoski dvori. However, we always eat at the tavern Vinica Monković. They have a gorgeous terrace right at the river bank.”

– Drive the Napoleon road: ”Now, this is a special one that I wouldn’t know anything about if it wasn’t for my father-in-law. That guy knows every corner of Dalmatia. The old Napoleon road runs above and parallel with the main national road. We took the Napoleon road from the village of Trsteno to the village of Slano. Now if you are fit, you can also cycle along this road. However, we are not that fit. We just drove in the car. This road will award you with some of the best views you can imagine. The view stretches far and wide.”

Find the entire article here ‘Frank about Croatia’.