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This 1959 Footage Might Be the Most Romantic Video About Dubrovnik

A young couple on board the SS Arcadia, set off on a short excursion en route to Dubrovnik (Croatia) to witness one of the most beautiful and preserved ports in the world in this footage from 1959. This is stated in one of, perhaps, most interesting footages about Dubrovnik.

In this video, a young couple wave goodbye to people on a liner, the SS Arcadia, as they set out in a small launch. Commentator explains they are off on a quick visit to “one of the world’s most beautiful old ports”.

People on the launch look at the view of the coastline; a man takes photos. Cut to some of the tourists in a car as they arrive at a courtyard of the walled city. The young couple and an older man and boy wander about, looking at the harbour and a square. Various shots of exterior of the Rectors Palace showing architectural features. Point of view shot from a moving vehicle as we travel along a street. More shots of the harbour and beautiful bay. L/S of the cruise liner.

Note: this story is taken from the documentary ‘Holiday With Everything’ see separate record for details.

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