With the cruise ship MSC Orchestra sailing into the Gruž port, the cruising season in Dubrovnik is finally open. It is the first cruiser to arrive in Dubrovnik after more than a year of pause due to the coronavirus pandemic. The MSC Orchestra has brought about 1200 guests to the City. This is certainly not the only cruiser of this company that was waiting to come to Dubrovnik. The arrival of MSC Splendide is expected on June 14.

Shipping companies have prescribed special measures for their guests upon arrival at their destinations, so the passenger capacity on board is reduced due to strict protocols. As for MSC Orchestra in particular, some of the cabins are and will remain closed for the purpose of isolation if needed. Disinfection measures have been intensified on board, and masks are worn on all public areas. There is organized antigen testing before boarding the ship and during the cruise.

Coming from the MSC director of sale Tonći Ivanović, the passengers do not mind the “bubble way” of travel, on the contrary, the demand is relatively high in these circumstances. Today, one group has already gone swimming at Sv. Jakov beach. MSC has excellent relations with Dubrovnik and are happy to be the first to bring back cruisers to our city.

Photo/Video: Zvonimir Pandža