To Mljet with Trawler Orka and fish, wine, old aches…

How to bring together pleasure and business is best known to Mr Dinko Cvjetović, the owner of the only trawler from Dubrovnik who organised a trip to Mljet and back helped by the Chamber of Trades and Crafts, Croatian Chamber of Economy, and Association of Trades and Crafts.

Cvjetović invited Tonči Božanić from Fishing Guild, representatives of shellfish farmers, whitefish farmers, City of Dubrovnik, Croatian Chamber of Economy, wine makers, caterers, tourism workers, Chamber of Trades and Crafts and the seven mass media on board of Orka.

The company had the opportunity to see the pulling of the trawl all the way to Mljet. The catch was not a good one, plenty of small fish and various waste. The talk of the day was about the problems in fishing, mostly old aches – there is little fish, and the expenses are high because of the high price of fuel. All those did not distract the party on Orka in having fun, tasting sea fruits, drinking homemade wine, swimming in Saplunara, and singing.