Together for Pavo: People of Dubrovnik run in heels and walk the catwalk

As a part of the humanitarian campaign ‘Together for Pavo’ a very interesting race was held on Stradun today. People ran on high heels and wearing diving floppers, while raising around 8500 kuna to help Pavo Hadija who was injured on Christmas Eve in Dubrovnik. He was injured in a car accident after which he remained almost completely paralysed.
Last night, Dubrovnik’s citizens held a charity fashion show at Ivka, and collected more than 12 thousand. Torcida Mokosica launched an action ‘Together for Pavo’ through social networks. They organised several football tournaments and many other activities to help their member. In this action they collected over 200 thousand kuna and the aim is to collect
450 thousand kuna. That is total sum of medical treatment costs that should help Pavo live normally again.