Tourism Traffic: Over 13 Thousand Tourists During the Extended Weekend in Dubrovnik

According to data from the eVisitor system for tourist registration and check-out, Dubrovnik recorded 169,926 arrivals and 412,252 overnight stays in the first four months of 2023, which is an increase of 53% in arrivals and 31% in overnight stays compared to the same period last year. During the first four months, foreign tourists accounted for 145,684 arrivals and 359,183 overnight stays, while domestic tourists accounted for 24,242 arrivals and 53,069 overnight stays. The largest number of guests came from the United Kingdom, Croatia, the United States, Germany, and France. In terms of accommodation types, hotels recorded 126,347 arrivals and 273,416 overnight stays, while private accommodation had 27,683 arrivals and 90,399 overnight stays.

In April, there were 96,869 arrivals and 260,883 overnight stays, which is a 39% increase in arrivals and a 26% increase in overnight stays compared to the same month last year. Domestic guests accounted for 7,797 arrivals and 18,570 overnight stays in April, while foreign guests accounted for 89,072 arrivals and 242,313 overnight stays. During the Easter weekend, Dubrovnik hosted 8,372 tourists, which is a 31% increase compared to the same period last year, and Dubrovnik Airport recorded air traffic with 50 flights.

During the last extended weekend in April, Dubrovnik welcomed 13,366 tourists, with the majority coming from the United Kingdom, the United States, Bosnia and Herzegovina, France, and Croatia. In May, Dubrovnik Airport will be connected to more than 55 destinations, and towards the end of the month, the start of scheduled flights by the American airline United is expected, which will connect Dubrovnik and New York this season as well.