Tourist figures for Dubrovnik

Dubrovnik saw the two millionth overnight stay sixteen days earlier than last year. First days of September brought to Dubrovnik 14,000 tourists, that is, 14% more than on the same day last year. There were 2,011,947 overnight stays sixteen days earlier than in 2011. From the beginning of the year to the end of August, there were 502,899 arrivals or 8% more than in the same period last year, and there were 1,955,108 overnight stays, that is, 11% more.

The predominant number of tourists stays inDubrovnikhotels that have 1,331,755 overnight stays, or 9% more. Private accommodation records show 341,418 or 31% more overnight stays. It is important to stress that 2012 saw an increase in number of beds in private accommodation – there is 1,000 beds more than in 2011, which totals to 8,900 registered beds in private sector.

Overall occupancy from the beginning of the year amounts to 110 days, that is, 3% more than in 2011. Private accommodation shows the increase of the same percentage and the occupancy is 44 days. The capacity usage from January to the end of August in hotels amounts to 49.7% and in private accommodation it is 19.2%.

In the last couple of years the most represented tourists come from the UK, having the 18% share, followed by French, 8.8 %, Germans, 7%, then Russians, Croatians, Spanish, Americans, Swedes, Norwegians and Italians.
The considerable rise in number of visitors is noticed in all markets, for example, there were 19% more overnight stays for tourists from Germany, in numbers that is 137,299, and 14% more arrivals or 29,388 tourists.

The liveliest tourist month is August; this year it had 4% more arrivals, that is, 129,298 tourists, and 5% more overnight stays, that is 568,601 of them.

Dubrovnik Card sells better as well, the increase amounts to 40% more than last year. The profit of sales is 4 million Kuna, as compared to last year’s 2.5 million.

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