Travel Blogger Gary Arndt In Dubrovnik

Popular American travel blogger Gary Arndt has arrived in Dubrovnik as part of his world tour. Gary who sold his house in 2007 to fund his travels has visited all seven continents and an impressive 116 countries and territories. Time magazine named Gary’s blog one of the top 25 in the world in 2010 and with around 100,000 visits to the site per month Gary’s pictures and experience are shared provide inspiration to many.

Previous to arriving in Croatia, Gary had spent a long period in Germany where he visited 28 of the country’s 37 UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Upon his arrival in Croatia Gary drove to the Plitvice National Park which he described as ‘awesome’. Currently exhausted from his German adventure Gary is looking forward to spending the week in Dubrovnik where he plans to relax, do some laundry and discover the city which he first visited in 2011 on a day trip.

Gary met with members of the local press this morning to share his first impressions and plans for his stay in Dubrovnik, “Everywhere that you go down the coast Dubrovnik is part of the story…The city is kind of bigger than the city if that makes sense.”

Discovering local history is top of Gary’s list while in Dubrovnik, “Speaking as an American, coming from a country with not a lot of history, we enjoy coming to places that are still relatively in tact like Dubrovnik is…You have a feel when you come here that you’re in a place that is still very similar to how it was several hundred years ago.”

“I’ll be spending the next five days here and I have no real agenda other than to wander around, visit the sites, eat the local food and go to some of the bars and just sample life.”

“What I like so far is that it’s very laid back. I think that Dubrovnik has a lot of room to grow.”

Follow Gary’s travels and his stay in Dubrovnik on his blog here.